Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-2SK 2 Bee Hive Frame Honey Extractor with 2 Complete Super Beehives

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This kit includes a Goodland Bee Supply® food grade 304 SS two frame manual honey extractor which is a must have for the beekeeper with 1 - 10 hives. The 22 gauge stainless steel tank with sealed bearings and steel gears make this a professional, durable 2 frame honey extractor. Two deep, medium, or shallow frames can be extracted at once. Included with the extractor is a 3 piece leg stand making offloading your honey hassle free. Because of the simple stainless steel design clean-up is a snap with warm water and soap.


The Goodland Bee Supply® complete honey supers (2) includes our kiln dried premium (minimal knots) 3/4-inch thick pine wooden super with precision milled joints on the boxes and frames allowing for easy snap-together assembly. Care is taken during the manufacturing process to exclude any box components that may have integrity issues at the joints such as knots or imperfections in the wood or grain. Also included are 20 - 6-1/4-inch pine frames and 20 Pierco pre-waxed plastic foundations. Pierco has a proven track record of producing bee friendly plastic foundations which promote honeycomb production with minimal rejection.

All Goodland wood products ship unassembled and professionally packaged to eliminate the possibility of damage during shipment. You may or may not want to re-inforce your hive with brad nails or screws (not included due to personal preference) at the joints.

Once the super is being used the bees will make a propolis that will "glue" the hive from the inside out further reinforcing the structure. Assembled dimensions measures 19-7/8-inch length by 16-1/4-inch width by 6-5/8-inch height.


  • 22 Gauge Stainless Steel Tank
  • Steel Gear Construction With Sealed Bearings
  • 2 Frames Measuring 17" Tall By 11" Wide
  • Clear Plexiglas Top For Easy Viewing
  • Optional Leg/Stand Included
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