Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK Complete 3 Tier Beginners Bee Hive Kit

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GoodLand Bee Supply® has created the GL3STACK beginning beekeepers kit to make beekeeping a snap to get started. The Goodland GL3STACK beehive kit has all the essentials (except the bees and extractor) to get you started on your beekeeping adventures.


All Goodland Bee Supply wood products ship unassembled and professionally packaged to eliminate the possibility of damage during shipment. You may or may not want to re-inforce your hive with brad nails or screws (not included) at the joints.

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The beehive is a 10 frame Langstroth design made from long-lasting kiln dried pine and has all the necessities included from top to bottom for a successful beginning hive. Included in the Goodland GL3STACK is a full telescoping hive cover which sits on top to protect the hive from rain and the elements. One inner cover creates a dead air space to help insulate the hive from the heat and cold. Two "Brood Chambers" which are the bee's living quarters. This kit includes one queen excluder which keeps the queen bee in the brood chambers as she is too large to pass through the excluder. This prevents the queen from laying eggs in the top super allowing only honey to be produced. Included in the GL3STACK are two super top boxes. Made from kiln dried pine this kit includes 20 large and 10 small frames, 20 each large and 10 small Pierco pre-waxed black plastic foundations. One Bottom board or "base" which forms the floor of the hive. One entrance reducer to protect the hive from mice and help regulate temperature during winter.


  • 2 Goodland Bee Supply® Deep Hive Boxes and 1 Goodland Bee Supply® Shallow Hive Box
  • 20 large and 10 small frames pine wood frames with Pierco pre-waxed foundations
  • 20 large and 10 small Pierco pre-waxed black plastic foundations
  • 1 entrance reducer, bottom base board, inner cover, and telescoping hive cover
  • Assembly is required
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