Good Land Bee Supply GLSMKR Beekeeping Beehive Smoker Stainless Steel w/Heat Shield

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The Goodland Bee Supply® smoker offers excellent performance and the highest build quality of any smoker. The Large 4 inch by 11 inch Smoke chamber allows for superior on demand smoke generation. A removable internal burn tray allows for easy cleanup and helps fuel burn consistently. Ideal design for those situations where consistent smoke is necessary. Featuring leather bellows, welded fall and heat shield and mirror polished stainless steel construction with laser etched logo. Easy to operate for beginners and professionals alike. Simply light one of the included smoke logs and set it onto the burning plate. Close the smoker lid, slowly pump the bellows fanning the pellet and pumps smoke out of the spout. Whether heading out for routine hive inspections, harvesting honey, merging or splitting colonies the Goodland bee smoker is made to get the job done. Includes 3 smoke fuel logs.

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  • Includes 3 Smoke Logs
  • Smoke Pallets main ingredient is Mugwort
  • Polished and Welded Stainless Steel Construction With Laser Etched Logo
  • Welded Metal Fall and Heat Cage To Keep Hands From Burning and Protection From Being Dropped
  • Perforated Smoke Pellet Stand Provides Optimum Air Flow
  • Designed With Ease of Use While Wearing Gloves, Hive Mounting Hook Allows for Easy Storage When Not In Use
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