Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-TK1 Beekeeping Complete Beginner Beehive Kit

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This kit includes a Goodland Bee Supply® food grade 304 SS two frame manual honey extractor which is a must have for the beekeeper with 1 - 10 hives. The 16 gauge stainless steel tank with sealed bearings and steel gears make this a professional, durable 2 frame honey extractor. Two deep, medium, or shallow frames can be extracted at once. Included with the extractor is a 3 piece leg stand making offloading your honey hassle free.


All Goodland Bee Supply wood products ship unassembled and professionally packaged to eliminate the possibility of damage during shipment. You may or may not want to re-inforce your hive with brad nails or screws (not included) at the joints.

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This Goodland Bee Supply® tool set covers the basics and a little bit more. If you're just starting out or are looking to replace a few worn tools this Goodland Bee Supply® kit is the best value for a professional set of beekeeping accessories. This set includes the Goodland Bee Supply® 11" professional stainless steel smoker with a free 3 pack of smoking fuel, Goodland Bee Supply® frame spacing tool, Goodland Bee Supply® frame grip, Goodland Bee Supply® serrated stainless steel uncapping knife, Goodland Bee Supply® uncapping roller, Goodland Bee Supply® J-Hook hive tool, Goodland Bee Supply® Wood handled pry and scrape tool and a Goodland Bee Supply® natural soft hair bee brush.


  • Goodland Bee Supply® SS Tangential Manual Honey Extractor
  • Genuine Goodland Bee Supply® Products
  • Not Just The Basics, All Profession Laser Branded Beekeeping Tools
  • Goodland Bee Supply® Complete Bee Keepers Tool Kit Set; Bee Smoker, Frame Spacer, Uncapping Knife, Uncapping Roller, Frame Grip, & 1 Wood Handle Hive Tool, 1 Metal Handle Hive Tool
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